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Swiss canton Zug very popular with cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been on everyone’s lips since 2017 and numerous new currencies have been introduced to the market since then. The number of crypto currencies worldwide is likely to be well above 1,000 by now. Insiders regard Switzerland in particular as a popular location for setting up a company in combination with an ICO.

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Switzerland offers many advantages as a business location for companies

Switzerland is a popular location for companies. Here, they have ideal conditions, stable economic and political conditions, world-class infrastructure, and a correspondingly attractive low tax burden.

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The European Company – Societas Europaea (SE)

An SE (Societas Europea) is referred to a public form of company that has been registered as per the norms of the Corporate Law of the EU (European Union). SE was launched in 2008 for a European Company under the Council Regulation.

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Tax Haven Switzerland

Switzerland is considered the heaven on Earth. In addition to this, Switzerland is also referred to as the “Tax Haven”. Switzerland remains at the top of the world in being referred to as the ultimate tax haven to the taxpayers. The main reason for this is the low taxation imposed on the foreign organizations and individuals.

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Automatic Exchange of Information – International Tax Policies

Switzerland has long been regarded as a tax haven because of its small and affluent economy which is governed in an extremely robust manner. When compared to other economies around the world, the tax burden in Switzerland is moderate and its tax policies aim at minimizing the chances of tax evasion and increasing the attractiveness of the economy.

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