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The European Company – Societas Europaea (SE)

An SE (Societas Europea) is referred to a public form of company that has been registered as per the norms of the Corporate Law of the EU (European Union). SE was launched in 2008 for a European Company under the Council Regulation. This type of company is believed to make easy transfers and merging with other companies, especially those in the member states.

Since its advent, several thousands of registrations are made. Some of the leading names in the registration include Airbus Group, Euro Stoxx of the famous Euro Area companies, E.ON, Allianz, Schneider Electric, SAP, Unibail-Rodamco, BASF, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, and Fresenius.

National laws have been supplementing the main rules or norms in the Regulation regarding merging and formation of the companies. The European Company Regulation consists of an Employee Involvement Directives that is responsible for the formulation of rules regarding the participation of the participants on the board of directors of the company. There is another statute that allows the European Cooperative Societies.

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Main Provisions by SE

Formation: The Statute offers four separate ways of the formation of a European limited company. These are:

  1. By the merging of the national companies from varied member states.
  2. By the formation of a joint venture between the entities or different companies along various member states.
  3. By the formation of an SE subsidiary with regard to a national company.
  4. By the conversion of some national company into a Societas Europea (SE).
  • Minimum Capital: It is required that the particular SE should have a minimum capital amounting to around €120,000. This is given to the provision that whenever a particular member state would require a huge amount of capital for the companies, then these same requirements will also be applicable to a particular SE in the specific member state.
  • Registered Office: The registered office of any particular SE must be located at a place wherein it can access its central or pivotal administration. The SE has the right to transfer the registered office in the specific community. This must be achieved without dissolving any company within the specific member state.
  • Registration: The registration of a particular The European Company – Societas Europaea (SE) must be liable for some informative purposes under the Official Journal of the European Communities. Every single SE must have its registration in the particular State where the registered office of the SE is located.

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