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FAQ – Can a foreigner buy a Swiss company?

You are are businessman from abroad, and want to buy a Swiss company in order to manage your business based in Switzerland?

In this case, a shell company is perfect for you. Because the big obstacles that may arise for foreigners at to founding a Swiss corporation or limited liability company, are already eliminated. The reason is simple: The shell company or shelf company was founded, and no longer needs to go through the extensive procedure the formation.

Switzerland is certainly an ideal location for your business! It is centrally located in Europe, is political robust and provides large economic and fiscal benefits for a  company! When looking for a suitable business address in Switzerland, then we are the right partner. If you want to buy as a foreigner a Swiss company, you need a board of directors who has domicile in Switzerland. We provide you with a competent board of directors and a managing director. Ask us without any obligation, we can arrange for you a lot.

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