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FAQ – Corporation or limited shell company – What you should look for?

If you have chosen a Swiss corporation or limited shell company, you should be careful of the following points:

Find yourself a reputable seller with experience, because you are already landed on our website, this first point is completed!

For you as a customer is important that the company is debt-free and that you will get a written guarantee! When you buy a corporation or limited shell company you will receive the following documents:

Share/Stock certificate, resp. the share register, Debt collection extract, balance sheet, auditor’s certificates, taxation, tax returns, business documents and the resignation of the governing board.

Our view, it is important that you have a competent partner for your shell company at your side who can show a big business know-how, and does not leave you alone after purchase, if necessary. With the Adauctus GmbH you are absolutely right, we are for more than 15 years in this business sector and we also may consult you to tax aspects perfectly! Get a offer without engagement.

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