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FAQ – Shell company or shelf company Switzerland – What is the difference

What is the difference between a shell company and a shelf company in Switzerland?

Both are companies (joint stock companies or limited Ltd. ) which are inactive and are immediately available. After a few changes in the Register of Enterprises, you can (much faster than to found a company) start your business within a few days.

The shell company is a corporation which was founded years ago and were in business some years. For various reasons, the company was inactive, there was no successor found, health reasons or reorientation of the owner. Therefore, this shell company is now for sale. Adauctus has no shell companies in Switzerland.

A shelf company is an limited liability company or a joint stock company which was established for the sole purpose to sell them again. The company never was an active business. Here you find ou list of Shelf Companies Switzerland

One big difference between a shell company and a shelf company in Switzerland is undoubtedly the point of the credit advantage of a shell company. Since this was already operational for several years, this enjoys a higher credit rating with banks, suppliers and insurance companies.



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