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FAQ – Swiss Shelf companies Synonyms and other spellings

A shell or shelf company Switzerland or a Swiss stock company is a company which is no longer active. There are different spellings and a few synonyms for a Swiss Shelf corporation. According to Wikipedia, it is also called an aged corporation. Synonyms are aged shelf corporations or aged shell corporations.

The advantages of such a company mantle (Ltd or Ltd liab. Co) are, for example, the costs, the time savings, the existing creditworthiness or the anonymity offered by the purchase of these Swiss companies. There are various other spellings like Dummy corporation, sleeping, to nap, to doze or inactive Swiss stock company or incorporated company.

All our shell companies and shelf companies are already established and registered in the commercial register. Buy a Swiss company coat is very unbureaucratic and can be carried out without notary public, you will find more information and the current list in the section acquisition of already existent companies in Switzerland.


Legal forms in different countries

 Country  Legal forms
 Schweiz  Aktiengesellschaft  AG
 Kanada  Limited Company/Limitée  Ltd./Ltée
 Canada / USA  Corporation  Corp.
 Incorporated Company/Incorporée  Inc.
 Société par actions de régime fédéral  S.A.R.F
 Limited Company  LTD
 USA  Incorporated Company  Inc.
 V.A.E  Private Joint Stock Company  PJS
 Schweiz  Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung  GmbH
 USA  Limited Liability Company  LLC
 England  Private company limited by shares  PLC
 Kanada  Private Business Corporation  PBC


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