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FAQ – Swiss LTD or Joint-Stock Company; Dissolution, Liquidation or Sale?

Have you closed your business, or do you now have a blank limited liability company (Swiss ltd / GmbH) or a Joint-stock company? A dissolution or liquidation respectively costs between CHF 2000.- to 4000.- in total and it can take up to 2 years. We have a better solution ready for you: we will buy your Limited Liability Company or Public limited company!

In this short article, we will explain the benefits; if you can’t easily dissolve or liquidate your company, then, sell it to us.

Liquidation costs a lot of money and takes much time. However, if you sell the company, you will still get an amount of money and the purchase will be settled in a very short time.

Here are a few frequently asked questions by the Swiss public limited company or Joint-stock company; dissolution, liquidation or sale?

Sell us your Public limited company or joint-stock company

What advantage does you have, if you does not dissolve the company, but rather sells it to us?

If you want to dissolve the company, it will cost approximately 2000 to 4000 CHF and can take up to 2 years to complete the process. However, if you sell the company, you will still get an amount of money and the purchase will be settled in a very short time.

Are there any risks?

No, you have absolutely no risk

What kind of companies do we buy?

We only buy debt-free and efficiently managed bookkeeping Swiss public limited companies and joint-stock companies

Is the name of the company changed?

The old owner decides whether the name should be changed.

Is the head office of the company changed?

The head office is changed in most cases, but the domicile address may still be used.

Is the purpose of the company is changed?

Yes / No. The new owner of the company decides whether the registered purpose suits his activities. If it doesn’t fit, then a new purpose is registered

What happens to the voting shares (right of representation)?

The old voting share holders will be voted out and new ones will be registered.

What happens with the CEO / board of directors?

The old board of directors of the limited liability company will be voted out and will be replaced. In a joint stock company, the old Board of directors will equally be voted out and replaced.

What happens to the old bank account?

The bank account will be balanced and dissolved

How up-to-date must the accounting be?

There must be a current accounting interim balance sheet as at the proposed deadline



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