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Sold! Real case study of a Ltd liab. Co/GmbH shell company

We use a real case study to show you how the owner of a Ltd liab. Co/GmbH shell company changed. For reasons of discretion, we have changed the names of the owners and the company name! (as we did in the Ltd. example.)

Mr. Fritz Müller worked for a medium-sized company as a car mechanic (as an Automotive mechatronics engineer / in EFZ). He had long had the dream of founding his own company and running a car garage. In 1998 he finally founded his own GmbH. At that time, he paid a little more than CHF 2,000 for the founding of his car garage Fritz Müller GmbH and deposited CHF 20,000 for the share capital in the bank.

He successfully ran his car garage Fritz Müller GmbH until 2019, when he then went into his well-deserved retirement. Since his only son works as a journalist and had no interest in succeeding his father’s company, Fritz Müller looked for another solution to sell his company. He sold his tools, car lifts and machines to a friend of his garage and canceled all his current contracts such as renting the garage, telephone, internet and insurance.

Now the question arose, what should he do with his GmbH. At Google he found us, adauctus GmbH, which has been on the market for many years. He spoke personally to the managing director Mr. Liebler, who left a very good and serious impression. So Mr. Müller asked for an offer, which it received by email a few hours later. Adauctus GmbH was ready to give him a few hundred francs for his GmbH. That is much better than paying a few thousand francs for a liquidation, he thought, and sold the GmbH to us.


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Before the sale went off, our experts checked the company. Since there is no entry in the debt enforcement register and the creditworthiness check at Creditreform was also in order, we submitted an offer to Mr. Fritz Müller, which he accepted. We made an appointment to handle the sale. On this date everything was prepared, the contracts were signed and the sales price was handed over to Mr. Müller in cash. We at adauctus received a current extract from the debt enforcement register, all bookkeeping, balance sheets, tax returns and tax decrees from Mr. Müller.

This GmbH was thus owned by adauctus GmbH and was soon added to the portfolio. A few days later Mr. Manuel Berger contacted us who wanted to open an auto tuning company. Mr. Berger wanted to start his company as soon as possible, it took too long to set up a company, and at that point he also lacked the CHF 20,000 to pay in the share capital because he had to invest a lot of money in expensive equipment. In this case, only one shell company came into question, the share capital had already been paid in in 1998 and the company is immediately available. The Autogarage Fritz Müller GmbH with its purpose perfectly matched Mr. Berger’s project! The purpose, the company name and the domicile are adjusted by a partner company in the commercial register.

Mr. Berger made an appointment with us two days later and we were able to answer his unanswered questions to his complete satisfaction. On this date, the common shares changed sides, the purchase contracts were mutually signed, Mr. Berger received the entire dossier including the current extract from the debt enforcement register, all bookkeeping, balance sheets, tax returns and tax decrees and a written guarantee from us that the GmbH from our experts was checked. Thus, Mr. Berger had a GmbH from 1998 with an impeccable history and creditworthiness within a very short time and can now do business.

In the commercial register, Mr. Berger is now listed as the owner of the ordinary shares, the purpose is adapted to his car tuning company, and the domicile is moved to St. Gallen, where Mr. Berger will be tuning his customers’ vehicles in the future.


Advantages for Mr. Müller

  • No long and costly liquidation
  • Not a bad image, since the avoided liquidation was not published publicly
  • He received money instead of paying x thousand for the liquidation.
  • Fast and uncomplicated sales

Advantages for Mr. Berger

  • Very quick acquisition of a company
  • Very good image for new customers, since the company has existed since 1998.
  • He now has a company from 1998 with a good reputation, which is a great advantage over banks, insurance companies, suppliers.
  • Cheaper and faster than starting a new company.


As you can see, a shell company has many advantages. Find out which company is right for you in our list or call us at +41 41 760 57 84