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Switzerland offers many advantages as a business location for companies

Switzerland is a popular location for companies. Here, they have ideal conditions, stable economic and political conditions, world-class infrastructure, and a correspondingly attractive low tax burden.

The clear legal system of the Confederates ensures that all start-up and investment projects under the law can be made easily and quickly. Switzerland is an attractive location; even for foreign companies- located in central Europe it offers numerous advantages, which we show you in this article.

The strong economy in Switzerland guarantees a stable currency

Worldwide, Swiss businesses are competitive and the economy is strong. This is due to the economic policy based on free-market economy in Switzerland thus providing a liberal environment. Thanks to its foreign policy of neutrality, Switzerland also has an extraordinarily stable domestic policy when it comes to crises all around. The authorities work efficiently and give the company the necessary safety in their planning as well as in the operational side of the business.

Tax-efficient locations in Switzerland

For companies from all over Europe, Switzerland is one of the countries with the lowest tax rate. Depending on which of the cantons the company’s headquarters is located in, the tax rates are low. These include first and foremost the cantons of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Glarus, Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schaffhausen, Schwyz and Zug. Companies resident in Switzerland have to pay a profit on their income tax amounting to 8.5% for cooperatives and corporations and 4.25% for foundations, associations and legal persons. In addition the capital tax of the cantons, for which is the net equity of the company forms the basis of calculation. This amounts to between 0.0010 and 0.5288%. In addition, some forms of business are tax-privileged.

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Infrastructure and management work efficiently and excellently

The infrastructure in Switzerland is one of the most advanced around the world and extremely reliable. This applies to the entire logistics of road and rail, but also for water, electricity, transmission of data, the infrastructure for communication and health care. There is an unrestricted access to all areas in all parts of the country. The administrations work quickly and efficiently, motions and other papers are processed quickly.

Switzerland as a financial centre

Swiss banks offer a safe haven for assets from around the world: the banks understand their business and compared with many other places around the world, Switzerland is introspectively sound. In many areas, the Swiss banks are among the leaders in the world market, they contribute to the creation of value and to the prosperity of the country. The banks are of great importance for the economy of the Alpine country. They are themselves employers for highly qualified personnel, and they pay taxes and thus fund the public sector. As innovative centers and engines of value creation, they give impetus for the economy as a whole.

Foreign companies have their headquarters here

Many international companies have their headquarters in Switzerland. This is not only because of the low tax burden, but also because of the clear legal system, which allows you to easily and quickly implement investments. Thanks to bilateral agreements with many countries, Switzerland internationally well connected, even if it is not a member of the European Union. The free exchange of services, goods and capital works just as well as the free movement of persons.

The educational and innovation level is high

In relation to the gross domestic product, Switzerland spends much money for research and development so that it is extremely competitive in this field. At all political levels, the State institutions prepare fertile ground for outstanding research, which ultimately forms the cornerstone of successful innovations. The quality of education in all levels is very high, the infrastructure is well developed and the legal and political environment is reliable.

The high security leads to high quality of life

Thanks to their high security, Switzerland offers a high quality of life. International rankings for cities such as Bern, Geneva and Zurich will confirm that this also applies to the rural regions. There are four different linguistic regions across the country. For many centuries, people of different languages and religions live peacefully, are tolerant and open with each other.

Switzerland is politically stable and offers a high level of legal security

For more than 150 years, Switzerland is politically stable. The liberal legislation of the Confederates offers adequate security and space for entrepreneurs, on the other hand the company compensates very well for the opposition of interests. The Swiss combination of craftsmanship and scientific high-performance is unique and shows how well the dual system of education in Switzerland is doing.

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