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Why you should select Switzerland for your Business?

Switzerland is one of the best enticing business destinations in the world. The country offers an expedient environment for worldwide or local headquarters. It is not onlyan opportune site in the heart of Europe besidesthere are various other reasons which make the country headquarters of numerous multinational companies worldwide and local. Large companies such as ABB, Nestlé, UBS, Credit Suisse, Novartis, Roche, Richemont, Rolex, Swatch headquarters in Switzerland. Associations such as FIFA, UEFA, IOC, FIS are also incorporated in Switzerland. Large companies such as Google, Yahoo, eBay, HP and Starbucks have European headquarters in Switzerland.

Autonomous reviews frequently confirm that Switzerland proposes clear benefits in terms of headquarter location if equated with other European countries. The country has a business friendly environment and has very low taxes, the personnel are well-qualified and the infrastructure is sturdy and attractive. Switzerland is a delightful place to invest in purchasing a business or having a quarter.

Key Advantages of Having a Business in Switzerland

Innovation and Technology:

Countries are progressing in leaps and bounds when it comes to technology and innovation and Switzerland is does not lag as well, the countryspends more than 3% of its GDP towards research and development, placing it among the world leaders. The country vaunts not less than 60 higher education institutions, which are closely associated with the international research community.  As an imperative center for research, it draws exceedingly experienced researchers from abroad. Many top-notch institutes are centred in Switzerland, Like the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI).

There are many industrial sectors which are located in Switzerland machinery, metals, information and communications, life science cluster, electrical engineering, recycling and many more. We have to sell our portfolio constantly companies from such industries.

Reliable Government:

The country is an intersection of many cultures, keeping this in mind the government has created strong links between them, business and civic society. The transportation system has been highly developed by government to keep a connect between the north and south.

Attractive Taxes:

Actual income tax burden could be very low which is easily possible if there is a proper planning done.  Financing businesses could be taxed at very low rates. The VAT is charged is the lowest in the whole of Europe. The amount of VAT in Switzerland are attractive and are depending on the product between 2.5% 8%. There rates in the country are attractive and entirely depend on the type of product and originally where the product is from. The contribution of the shareholders isnot subject to concealment tax when deportation is done.

There are no taxes on dividend income and capital gains on disposals which qualify for investments.


Shell companies and Swiss business address – a good combination.

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Rigorous Capital and Financial Market:

Switzerland is listed in the highest purchasing power countries in the world. The price variations are so low that the Swiss Franc is now among the most desirable currencies which can be reserved and expanded. The steady structure of the country has enabled Zurich and Geneva to become the world’s significant financial centres.

Liberal Labour Market:

The labour market of Switzerland has very few rules and regulations. There is an active partnership amongst the trade unions and the employers which facilitate easy elucidating of conflicts if any.

Reliable Infrastructure:

Switzerland has always met the demands of most challenging users in terms of data technology and infrastructure. Irrespective of the type of building that you are looking for your business Switzerland offers several picks of good quality and strikingviable real estate.