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Buying a Swiss Shell or Shelf Company Instead of Starting a Company from Scratch

Let Adauctus Guide You: Know the Beauties of Buying a Swiss Shell or Shelf Company Instead of Starting a Company from Scratch

A prudent businessman is someone who aims for a minimal risk or no risk at all when it comes to choosing the most suitable business investment.  One of the good points in buying a shell or shelf of an already existing business is that you can immediately start your business to generate income. Most of the time, choosing between putting up a business from scratch and buying an existing shell or shelf can be difficult, especially for a fresh entrepreneur.  A shell or shelf company is already inactive and all you need to do is make a few changes in the Register of Enterprises to activate the business. Take a look at the things that Adauctus can provide and help you appreciate the beauties of buying a shell or shelf company.

Understanding the Difference Between Shell and Shelf Companies

First, let us explain the difference between the shell and shelf companies that we offer. A shell company was founded several years ago and was fully operational for some years.  There are various reasons that attributed to a certain company’s inactivity, including absence of viable successor and health issues of the owner.  When the company could no longer keep up with its operation, the owner has no other option but to liquidate his or her business and the only thing that remains is the shell or the name, reputation, and nature of the company. A shelf company is a joint stock or limited liability company, which was founded for the exclusive purpose of selling it again.  The company has been properly registered but did not operate. We Provide you with a Worry-Free List of Companies We specialize in providing you with the shell or shelf company that fits your preference. We provide you with a list of companies that are free from debts, and they do not have any third party liabilities. The shell companies that are up for sale have been in existence for years and possess impeccable credit record. A businessman can be certain that he will have smooth dealings with banks, suppliers, and insurers.  It can also help you attain a reputation that can draw in more clients. Your Anonymity can be Preserved The new owner can preserve his or her anonymity.  The shell or shelf company already exists and, therefore, does not require presenting the founders.  If you are the new owner of the company, then you can choose to remain anonymous. The new owner also has an option to change the company’s name, location, and operational object. The Needed Capital In putting up a business from scratch, there’s a need to have extra funds available in case something happens.  New businesses often end up investing way more money than intended. In buying a shell or shelf company, an entrepreneur only needs to prepare the required amount of money in purchasing the preferred shell or shelf company.  The businessman only needs to activate his chosen shell company.  It is already founded and he or she no longer needs a fixed capital. The Price In buying a Swiss company in existence, the following factors could affect the price:

  • The years of company existence (the older the company, the higher its value).
  • The registered or bearer shares.
  • The share capital.

Contact us today to know more about the things we offer and the list of companies that are up for grabs.  Let us help you acquire the most suitable and risk-free investment that could sustain you for life.