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Registration of company address – your company’s address in Switzerland

Our company address registration services offer your company to have an address in Switzerland.

You may choose, within this service, a shared address (c/o) or an individual one with a mailbox and plate with the company’s name. We offer company address registration services in places strategically beneficial to your company. Our services should not terminate with a plate at your company’s new location, as we also offer our office services. Use benefits that are delivered by our business package and order registration of company address and office services for a special price! Our service registration of company address. Please ask about when you contact us!

We offer you company addresses cantons of Switzerland:

Zug, Zurich, Lucerne, Nidwalden, Appenzell, Schwyz and Thurgau

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Tax-related benefits for foreign companies

Switzerland has one of the most beneficial tax rates in Europe along with a politically, geographically and economically stable infrastructure. That is highly attractive to foreign companies which choose to change their address to Switzerland. Trust your knowledge and our experience and contact us today!