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Provision of company’s council and Board of Directors

Both joint stock companies and limited liability companies require a council with a registered place of residence in Switzerland. We will provide your company with an experienced and competent council and director. With our reputation and knowledge we will represent your company and help you to succeed in your business activities!

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A Board of Directors has several tasks and duties. That’s an important and responsible position that requires competence, professionalism and know-how knowledge. We will provide your company with dynamically- and politically-suitable council and director.

Seven tasks of the joint stock company’s council in accordance with the Swiss Bond Law (OR)

    1. The company’s council is the governing body of the company, providing the necessary instructions.
    2. The company’s council determines the company’s structure.
    3. It shall bear the responsibility for the accounting, financial control and planning.
    4. The company’s council shall appoint and dismiss the company’s director and authorized persons.
    5. The company’s council shall supervise the company’s management.
    6. Preparation of the annual report, organization of the company’s general meeting and execution of decisions made therein.
    7. Reporting on the company’s debts or insolvency.