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Historical process of a Swiss Ltd/AG Shell Company

Using an example from our everyday business, we will show you how an Ltd/AG from 2014 found a new owner. As with our example with the Ltd liab. Co / GmbH, we have changed the names of the people and also the company name for reasons of discretion. 

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Sold! Real case study of a Ltd liab. Co/GmbH shell company

We use a real case study to show you how the owner of a Ltd liab. Co/GmbH shell company changed. For reasons of discretion, we have changed the names of the owners and the company name! (as we did in the Ltd. example.)

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Swiss companies board of directors’ duties and responsibilities

Der Verwaltungsrat einer Schweizer Firma hat Pflichte und Rechte

The Company Act in Switzerland regulates the founding of corporations or companies in Switzerland. In all Swiss corporations or stock companies, having a board of directors is always mandatory.

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Company foundations in Switzerland in 2018 – barely past the record

Last year, there were 43,220 new entries in the commercial register throughout Switzerland. That was slightly less than in the record year before, but it can still be said that the economy is doing well. However, the placement of new entries is very different. The good trend could not be continued in every canton.

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Planned extension of the Trust Square in Zurich Bahnhofstrasse

Blockchain technology is already firmly established in Switzerland, and the Trust Square Center on Zurich Bahnhofstrasse in particular is considered to be an enormously important hub for this branch. Although the Trust Square Center is already impressive, there are still big plans.

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