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FAQ – What is a domiciliary company in Switzerland?

The domiciliary company in Switzerland is an exceptional company because it is seen as a separate legal entity, but equally does not exercise an independent business in the Swiss market. For this reason, the domiciliary company in Switzerland is performed rather than a fiscal concept.

This domiciliary company may be taken over easily by a company or trader from abroad, so that the entrepreneur can move quickly on the market. The domiciliary company has many tax advantages, e.g. it is exempt from cantonal and municipal taxes. You only pay the federal tax in the amount of 8.5% on their net income.

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The privilege of a domiciliary company

Basically, the domicile company Switzerland is not an independent form of society, but only a tax status that the entrepreneur or the company can do for their own business as its own.

Since the Swiss commercial law certainly has its peculiarities as compared to foreign trade law, any entrepreneur should, seek extensive advice before the acquisition of the privilege domiciliary company Switzerland. We help you like, contact us!

From the perspective of a american entrepreneur

The tax burden in the USA is extremely high and is pushing the profit down massively. For this reason many entrepreneurs as well as companies are looking to Switzerland, appears very interesting from a tax perspective.

The market entry in Switzerland, however, is sometimes not so easy to accomplish. With a domiciliary company Switzerland this can however be simplified considerably and gives the company a many other advantages.  We show you the benefits, contact us without obligation!

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