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FAQ – Why you should buy a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company in Switzerland?

You want to start a company? You have a great business idea or you want to realize your long desire for independence? But for founding an Corporation or a Limited Liability Company in Switzerland lacks the capital, then the alternative is to buying a shell company. This is a lot more cost-effective, because a shell company is already founded, and thus eliminates the initial capital!

With a readily available Corporation or a Limited Liability shell or shelf Company you are currently capable of taking action for your business. The is particularly of great advantage if you can sign a contract shortly, but your business partner would like to conclude this contract with a legal entity. As a start-up a company takes some time to complete, here is the shell company the alternative!

Regarding the anonymity a shelf company can not be beat jacket. If you dont want to be registered as shareholder, a shell company is the solution!

An important reason may also be the rating, since a Corporation (AG or SA) or a Limited Liability Company shell company have an economic history, this is a great advantage with banks and suppliers. Our Swiss and offshore shell companies were screened for the purchase of our specialists, that is why we give you a written guarantee that all companies debt and are free of old burdens!
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An existing company can be customized according to your needs, business address, company name and the purpose can be changed.

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